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This is a video response for my Media Experience Program.

Stop flaunting my gayness?! NEVER! I love being gay, it’s part of who I am. Can I say.. STOP FLAUNTING YOUR STRAIGHTNESS? Just so you know, I would never ask that of anyone. I’m proud of who I am. I have come along way and I have never been afraid of being gay. Okay.. that’s a little untrue. There are times when I do get afraid to tell someone my orientation. Like super girly girls or really testosterone filled guys. The girls might bark insults at me and the guys might try harder to get in my pants, (which I HATE) never happening. I can take a ‘your pretty’ compliment from a guy. But I don’t enjoy being called hot by a guy. Makes me feel kind of like a piece of meat. Anyways… back to the topic at hand–STOP FLAUNTING YOUR GAYNESS, a video made by a random Youtuber.

Alright, I’m watching a video on Youtube called ‘Stop Flaunting Your Gayness’. It’s black and white so I’m not too interested. It’s the title that pulled me in only because I’m gay myself. The lady in the video is quite.. well I hate to say it but visually unappealing. Maybe she could have made the vlog in colour.. Anyways, she starts the video off , talking about how she was in the hospital and she doesn’t feel too well. (while expressing her unwell state by sticking her tongue out, unattractively.) She then tries to get on topic but is interrupted by a child? That’s what she says anyways. While being interrupted she makes some pretty.. interesting facial expressions and talks very creepily to ‘said child’. If that was my mom.. I would be kinda embarrassed.. Just saying. After all this she cuts her vlog and the viewer (me!) is returned to her. Where she THEN starts talking about her child going to school and stuff.. DUDE I’M RIVETED, but what’s this got to do with the title?

Finally after about 2 minutes she gets back on topic. I’ve noticed that when she tries to explain herself, she has to try a couple times.. not too good at spitting out the story. Kind of all over the place.. Oh NOW I get it, she’s trying to talk to us about how people keep asking her why she always talks about being gay.She then tells us she is a big ol’ lesbian, (big ol’? wow.) if we haven’t noticed.. YOU ARE?.. Of COURSE I haven’t noticed because you can’t always tell someone is gay by looking at them, not everyone fits that ridiculous stereotype made by heterosexuals.

I hate that stupid stereotype of lesbians wearing plaid or dressing like boys. I feel there is no way to dress like a boy or a girl, you just wear what you want to wear and that’s YOU. Just like it is stupid to say pink is a girls colour and blue is a boys colour. THEY ARE JUST COLOURS PEOPLE! Clothes are just clothes!

Wow.. I had to rant a little.

Okay, now I’m kind of getting annoyed. Another ‘CHILD INTERUPTUS!’ Video cuts again, and surprise, the conversation starts somewhere else again. I’m just confused.. she’s now talking about democracy? Alright, HERE WE GO, four minutes in and we’re talking about the flaunting finally! I do agree with her though, about people asking us queers to stop flaunting. That’s hilarious! I would love to see a gay person ask a straight person to stop flaunting their straightness. It would make my day.

Another true point, this whole world is pretty much heterosexual. Everything from books to T.V. there is not many gay things on everyday television. (kinda disappointing to me) She said something about gays not taking over the world and how we want to be accepted and fit in, then she said it would not change the world. I believe it WILL change the world. There would be alot more love and peace, and young persons of the LGBTQ community will not be bashed and beaten and humiliated on a daily basis. The world will be a little better to live in.

I don’t really like how she closed the video either.. talking about who to vote for? I think perhaps she should have made a wee little script to follow along with in this video. Anyways, that’s all I’m going to say about this one.