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Interview analysis: Paul Papadopoulos

What was your impression of the interviewee?

I interviewed Paul Papadopoulos and he was definitely very interested in doing this interview. He seemed excited that he could talk about his career with YTV with someone. He was very helpful and gave a lot of information. Paul seemed to love his career at YTV, there was not much he didn’t like except some people’s small minds. If someone wanted an interview, I’d suggest Paul.

What part of their job sounded the most appealing?

I think that the most appealing part of the job is the traveling and getting to go to live events. Paul said he got to travel from St. John’s to Vancouver and L.A to Florida when he was the series producer for POV sports on CBC. I would love seeing new things and change would keep me on my toes. Working in a team and putting together a positive program for kids can be a very rewarding experience.

What part of their job sounded difficult or challenging?

Working on a team may be an awesome experience but I also think it can be the most difficult. You can’t change the way someone is and if they choose to be stubborn and disagree with everyone else, they may be a pain. I guess there are ways of dealing with that as well. A team needs a leader to keep everyone level-headed.

What was the most surprising thing you learned about this career?

I definitely learned that YTV over rated Family Channel. I didn’t think YTV would win. Just because there are so many Disney shows like Hanna Montana, and the Suit Life of Zack and Cody that kids I know love so much. But YTV also has amazing shows too, like Fairly Odd Parents, Spongebob Squarepants and Smallville! (one of my all time favorites!)

Can you see yourself doing this job in the future?

Why or why not? I could definitely see myself doing this job in the future. Lots of change, team work, problem solving, while changing kids’ minds with great and educational programming. I love being able to change the way someone thinks, and also entertain people. This career would be a great way to do both of those things.


Career Research: Music Video Director

Art and Fashion
Art and Fashion

  I was researching some television jobs and I job a whole list of them. The one that happened to stand out most for me was a music video director. So, I started researching music video director specifically. I found a lot of information on it and it was quite overwhelming. Then, I decided to break my research down into categories. Here are some of the categories I chose: What do they do, Responsibilities, Skills, Why I would fit this position, Things I would need to improve on to fit the position and Educational requirements.

In this blog post I’m going to talk about why I like this job and why I think I could do it well. I’ll also talk about the definition of the job, salaries made yearly and some things I could improve to make myself a little more prepared for it. I guess I’ll start with the definition so I’m not confusing anyone.

Definition: Music Video Directors are film directors who specialize in creating short films driven by a given music track. The music video director and the producer work together to create music videos for record companies, artists and other employers.

Now I’ll explain the things Music Video Directors do for their jobs. I’ll start with one of the main jobs. They need to be concerned for the look, feel and sound of the video. Typically, they focus on the business related issues like electricity, catering and logistics. They are always involved in pre-production, production and post-production. In order to be considered for a job, the Music Video Director and Producer have to give a written estimate of how much money will be needed to shoot and complete a video. Along with that written proposal, they will also have to write up a treatment to the recording executives, which is usually a video commissioner or marketing director. (I will explain in the next paragraph what a ‘Treatment write up is) Before the estimate and treatment are approved, the Music Video Director and Producer meet with the Music Video Editors to discuss the objectives of the video and the best way to present it in the artists’ image or vision. Once this is completed the Music Video Director and Producer submit the written estimate and the treatment to be approved. After it is approved, they start right away to create the video. They create a script and a storyboard as a guide to assist in creating the video. Music Video Directors hold auditions, select and rehears the talent, while overseeing set designs, costumes, what backgrounds and/or special effects should be used and where the scenes should be shot. The Producer may handle some of these jobs, so the Music Video Director can focus more on the artistic side of things. During all of this, the Producer and/or the Music Video Director work with the Director of Photography and Cinematographers, organizing and implementing the actual camera work. After the shooting has been finished, the Music Video Director assembles the shots according to what the Director and the Producer or their own artistic sensibility wants. The Music Video Director also synchronizes the film with voice and sound track produced by sound editor and music editor. When all is said and done, the video is submitted to the employer for a final review and approval.

One of the main responsibilities of the Music Video Directors is creating short films with music tracks. Last semester in Media Experience I created a short film (not for a music track) for an assignment and I was the director. I happened to really enjoy directing the short film.

To sum up the first paragraph here are there responsibilities. Music Video Directors are held responsible for working with the Producer to develop the final project and the look, feel and sound of a video. They take care of issues with the production team (arguments and things like that), create written proposals for money to support the video and create shooting scripts and storyboards. Other things are creating rehearsals with the talents, background and special effects, working with photographers and cinematographers, editing sounds, using their own artistic sensibilities and submitting work to be approved. Seeing that they have a lot of responsibilities gives me a feel for how important a Music Video Directors job is to the artist who created the track.

While I was researching I found a bunch of skills needed to do this job. I also wrote down a couple I feel will be needed. Here are some of the skills I found. Music Video Directors need to know how to work under pressure and meet deadlines. They also need to use really well communication and interpersonal skills in order to keep the production going smoothly, like keeping the team in good terms with each other and negotiating with each of them to keep them calm. Artistic visualization is a given, considering they are responsible for the look, feel and sound of a video. Having a good ear for sounds is another skill that will come in very handy, also attention to detail. In music videos its all about the little details that make the viewer love the video. You need to be able to work well in a team, be organized and able to write creatively. Writing a shooting script is very technical but also creative, different shots and cuts will catch the viewers’ eye and make the video visually attractive. The creative eye for design, fashion and background is very important. In music videos the talent likes to look good while also influencing others with their new and updated fashion sense or style. An eye for photography is needed, and knowing how to use software relevant to music video creation. (I used Final Cut Pro to edit and add a sound track to my short film. It’s a very easy to use program) Editing is definitely a given, the Music Video Director needs to place the scenes in order to make the video flow and go properly with the music track. You have to be prepared to work really long hours and be very dedicated to your work. Leadership skills and negotiation skills are extremely useful because they are in charge of a production team. Also, time management and working within a budget is a required skill. Managing your time well helps you to meet the video deadline without rushing around and creating stress for the whole production team (which would be a major disaster, even if you got the video done on time. your team will remember how much stress you added to their plate and they probably won’t recommend you for another video) Working within a budget is important because if you go over budget, the money comes from some very angry people or out of your own pocket. (NOT good)

Now that you know what Music Video Directors do, their responsibilities and the skills necessary, I will give you some reason why I would fit this job position well.

All my life I’ve been involved in some kind of art class. In public school I remember drawing one picture everyday for my grade one teacher, Mrs. Hamilton. I can never forget the joy I received in seeing her face everyday when she received a new picture. In middle school, I remember my classmate asking for my help on an assignment that required you to draw yourself in playing a sport. They all asked me to draw their faces (shhh, don’t tell!) and I felt so proud. I’m very artistic and I know I have a good eye for design, I know what looks good and what doesn’t. I’ve always listened to and enjoyed music, currently I’ve been working on developing a wider knowledge base of songs and artists. Listening to all this music gives me a good ear for sound. I’ve worked with a DJ at a bar in the town I live in and he helped me to study the audience and watch their reactions to the different beats per minute and pitches. It was amazing; I know this helped me develop a great ear for sound.

Over the years I’ve been through lots of counseling, and during my sessions I spent more time listening to how they talk to me and how they go about asking me, which made my communication skills superb. I’m love talking to people and helping them through their issues, and this is skill much needed in this career. I have also done many assignments in a team and played on sports teams. So I know I can work very well in a team.

Writing creatively is something I’ve always done as a coping mechanism in my life as well as for assignments; definitely something I really enjoy doing. While creating my short film last semester I realized I am very able to visualize things and write or say them to someone in a way where they can see exactly what I see. I’ve always had an interest in photography, I love seeing other peoples’ pictures and asking the favorite techniques, constructive critism is something I like to receive when people look at my pictures.

During my last short film, I used Final Cut Pro, so I know at least one of the many software involved in editing a video. I have an interest in knowing more software for editing. Doing a lot of job hunting online involves really knowing how to write professionally. Also, my teachers have helped me to learn to write an excellent professional email to a manger. I also work well under pressure, I’ve noticed that I’m able to calm myself and go get the help I need to reach my goal.

Those were some reasons I feel I would fit this position really well. Now I’ll go through some things I think I’ll need to improve on to get this job.

In school, I’ve always had a hard time meeting deadlines, because there is so much to do and see outside with friends. Socializing is a weakness for me. (While I’m working anyways) I have been working on improving that by changing the way I think. I always feel I ‘have’ to get things done instead of I ‘want’ to get things done. Also, although I know I have a great eye for detail, I would like to improve it. I feel in this job, attention to detail is extremely important. Being a creative, right-brainer I tend to be dis-organized. I’ve always been that way, but there IS organization in my messes, believe it or not! Another thing to improve on is my knowledge base of software used in this industry. I know I will get a chance to learn about more software and I’ll pick it up easily. So I’m not too worried about that one. Another thing that needs improvement is my ability to work long hours when I’m not exactly interested in a project. Everyone has had a job or project they didn’t really want to do but they complete it to the best of their knowledge anyways. I have to just do it! Will power and motivation will help me with that one. I’ve got to learn to be more authoritative in leadership positions, I’m a people pleaser, so I hate telling people they have to do something they don’t want to do. It’s something I’ve noticed I’ve been improving on.

A big one is time management, and that’s one of the most important aspects of being a Music Video Director. I’ve always had trouble managing my time, because there are so many distractions. I can’t miss out on fun, I just need to learn that if I work hard and get things done, the fun I have can be much more entertaining. I’m usually stuck worrying about assignments I need to finish and work on. Or things I say I’m going to do for myself and I don’t. I’m sure I’ll develop greater time management skills as life goes on… I just hope I don’t wait until things get really tough and I’m stuck in a rut. Those are some things I feel I need to improve on to be a successful Music Video Director.

Now I’ll tell you about the educational requirements needed to be in this career. I found out that there are no specific educational requirements, but acquiring a bachelor’s degree in Arts Management and Film and Video is recommended. Many film and video degree programs include courses in production studies. (Very useful!) Also many Colleges and Universities are beginning to develop specific degree programs and concentrations in the field, including Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in film and video production. That is all the education recommended by professionals in the industry.

In these paragraphs, I’ll talk about the salaries made by Music Video Directors; I’ll start with Non-Union videos. Non-Union music videos productions are created by independent and/or unknown directors. Non-Union music videos provide substantial salary opportunities for directors. Record labels or artists generally have control over the amount of compensation the director receives. One of the main reasons an artist or record label company engages in a Non-Union shoot is to save large amounts of money that would be used for production costs. Well known Non-Union directors have a stronger negotiation position with artists and record labels. Most unrecognized directors accept the budget requirements of the record label to ensure consistent work.

Directors presented by aUnionhave a minimum salary requirement. As of 2010, minimum salary rate for a Union director is approximately $1.229 pre day. This also applies to commercial length work produced by networks and music video fall within this category when produced by a major label. Many Union directors work for well above this rate, and in most cases, the budget for the entire video is less than $500 for independent artists. The director may choose to produce this video, or secure all the equipment and organize the shoot, in effort to write himself into the budget more than once so that his salary rises to a comparable day rate.

Independent music video directors-for-hire commonly earn $0-$500 per video shoot. Production firm salaries (based on average day rates) range from $50.000-$100.00 each year. The actual amount is based on the experience and talent of the director. These are the different salaries made by each type of director.

This is all the research I have done for this write-up. I hope this has been as informational to you as it has been to me!

Print Story: What happened before my Interview

I remember leaving school, taking the bus home really eager to interview my subject. I’m definitely not the textbook savvy type, so when I heard ‘field work’ I got a little excited. It’s not often I look forward to doing homework. That day in class I went onto Facebook and typed in my status ‘I’m in need of an interviewee for a class assignment!’ Not five minutes later, there were about ten people willing to do the interview. I chose the first one, the name of the person is not to be disclosed.

After I chose the interviewee, we exchanged words in their inbox, speaking of an interview date and time. It happened to be later that day at about seven to seven thirty. The bus ride home was a nervous one. Even though I was excited, I was hoping I could do this assignment properly. Looking out the window, I had high hopes. As the bus arrived at the terminal, I double checked my bag for my Bloggie, a pen and some paper. I had about three hours before I had to be at my subjects house. Hopping on the number one bus, I took some deep breaths.

In no time I arrived at my street, the day was sunny with little clouds. Snow was soft on the ground rolling over every incline. I trudged through it with my sneakers, hardly winter gear but I was never one for snow boots. What felt about three seconds, was actually five minutes and I made it in through my side door. I climbed the stairs to my room and tossed my bag down, pulled out a pen and some paper and furiously started writing ideas for questions. There were approximately thirty five questions. Realizing that there were way to many, I was proud. It’s better to have way to many than not enough, and I still had two hours left before I had to bus to the interviewees house.

The eraser scrubbed the paper and my eyes followed each rough stroke. Which questions should go? How would I make this story flow? Tick, tick, tick.. Time went by and I was indecisive. Finally, I grew impatient and didn’t think about it. I scrubbed off fifteen questions. My eyes darted to the clock, the ticking was starting to make me tremble with anxiety. I swallowed my heart, I had thirty minutes. I was going to be late. I ripped my bag from the floor and threw it on my bed. I frantically accumulated my things–paper, pen and bloggie, yanked open a pocket on my bag and threw them in. While I was rushing around, I called my subject multiple times, no answer. Frustrating built, and I booked it out the door. At seven thirty, I made it to the terminal. I felt ill.. of course, my confidence is stripped from me once again.

The bus arrived at eight. I jumped on while, in my head a war was waging. This happens every time. Something has to go wrong by my own hand. Thoughts raced in my head, and what felt like an hour later, I arrived on my subjects street. The snow was an obstacle I was not in the mood to battle. My anger forced my to run, and run hard. Each foot stomped through the snow spraying it in every direction. My fists pounded the air in front of me.. I couldn’t hit it hard enough. Ten minutes of battling the relentless Canadian winter and I burst out of the snow onto a cement porch.

I prayed my interviewee was still home and wanted to be interviewed. The last thing I needed was to be turned away. Knocking, I was told to come in. Opening the door I felt a wave of relief wash over my shoulders, blowing the anger from my chest. Everything was going to be okay.

This is a video response for my Media Experience Program.

Stop flaunting my gayness?! NEVER! I love being gay, it’s part of who I am. Can I say.. STOP FLAUNTING YOUR STRAIGHTNESS? Just so you know, I would never ask that of anyone. I’m proud of who I am. I have come along way and I have never been afraid of being gay. Okay.. that’s a little untrue. There are times when I do get afraid to tell someone my orientation. Like super girly girls or really testosterone filled guys. The girls might bark insults at me and the guys might try harder to get in my pants, (which I HATE) never happening. I can take a ‘your pretty’ compliment from a guy. But I don’t enjoy being called hot by a guy. Makes me feel kind of like a piece of meat. Anyways… back to the topic at hand–STOP FLAUNTING YOUR GAYNESS, a video made by a random Youtuber.

Alright, I’m watching a video on Youtube called ‘Stop Flaunting Your Gayness’. It’s black and white so I’m not too interested. It’s the title that pulled me in only because I’m gay myself. The lady in the video is quite.. well I hate to say it but visually unappealing. Maybe she could have made the vlog in colour.. Anyways, she starts the video off , talking about how she was in the hospital and she doesn’t feel too well. (while expressing her unwell state by sticking her tongue out, unattractively.) She then tries to get on topic but is interrupted by a child? That’s what she says anyways. While being interrupted she makes some pretty.. interesting facial expressions and talks very creepily to ‘said child’. If that was my mom.. I would be kinda embarrassed.. Just saying. After all this she cuts her vlog and the viewer (me!) is returned to her. Where she THEN starts talking about her child going to school and stuff.. DUDE I’M RIVETED, but what’s this got to do with the title?

Finally after about 2 minutes she gets back on topic. I’ve noticed that when she tries to explain herself, she has to try a couple times.. not too good at spitting out the story. Kind of all over the place.. Oh NOW I get it, she’s trying to talk to us about how people keep asking her why she always talks about being gay.She then tells us she is a big ol’ lesbian, (big ol’? wow.) if we haven’t noticed.. YOU ARE?.. Of COURSE I haven’t noticed because you can’t always tell someone is gay by looking at them, not everyone fits that ridiculous stereotype made by heterosexuals.

I hate that stupid stereotype of lesbians wearing plaid or dressing like boys. I feel there is no way to dress like a boy or a girl, you just wear what you want to wear and that’s YOU. Just like it is stupid to say pink is a girls colour and blue is a boys colour. THEY ARE JUST COLOURS PEOPLE! Clothes are just clothes!

Wow.. I had to rant a little.

Okay, now I’m kind of getting annoyed. Another ‘CHILD INTERUPTUS!’ Video cuts again, and surprise, the conversation starts somewhere else again. I’m just confused.. she’s now talking about democracy? Alright, HERE WE GO, four minutes in and we’re talking about the flaunting finally! I do agree with her though, about people asking us queers to stop flaunting. That’s hilarious! I would love to see a gay person ask a straight person to stop flaunting their straightness. It would make my day.

Another true point, this whole world is pretty much heterosexual. Everything from books to T.V. there is not many gay things on everyday television. (kinda disappointing to me) She said something about gays not taking over the world and how we want to be accepted and fit in, then she said it would not change the world. I believe it WILL change the world. There would be alot more love and peace, and young persons of the LGBTQ community will not be bashed and beaten and humiliated on a daily basis. The world will be a little better to live in.

I don’t really like how she closed the video either.. talking about who to vote for? I think perhaps she should have made a wee little script to follow along with in this video. Anyways, that’s all I’m going to say about this one.

It Was Found

“It” was found. “Its” been lost for years. “It” was inside The Person broiling, waiting to be fueled. “It” is more than one thing.. too many things. “It” was taken and beaten down until “It” was almost nonexistent. But “It” was rebuilt.. the question? How was “It” rebuilt?

The Person is not too sure, saying maybe “It” was given back through eyes with a new perspective. Studying every little detail, over analyzing, taking a negative thought and turning it around on “Itself”. Instead of “I have to do this” think “I want to do this”. Think about dark turning to light, walk out of the shadows and feel the sunlight sink into your sink. “It” was lost and found. “It” is a light in the darkness.

Was It really found? The darkness still reaps inside The Person believes. An on going internal battle that will never end. The dark wins sometimes, as does the light… If The Person can find the source of the light, maybe they can fuel it, find the gas to keep it going. Make it burn brighter than the stars. Make it burn in “other” eyes so they can’t look at The Person anymore. So “other” have no will to live, so “other”will quit.

But that is not the way to think. Maybe The Person should try to establish a skewed way to make themselves forgive. Forgive the “Other” for their darkness unto the person. People say it is good and easy to forgive. The Person wonders if the people have ever had to forgive this type of darkness. But The Person is strong enough to keep moving, never stop. Or is The Person moving and never stopping because The Person is to cowardly to stop? Does The Person choose to keep moving because the thought of nothingness is intimidating? The Person knows they have felt nothingness before. The darkness was easier to bear in nothingness. Easy is good and simple. So why is The Person afraid of nothingness? Maybe it is not that The Person fears the foreboding nothingness but fears what they will miss. The Person lives for their friends and made up family. For the hearts that willingly threw themselves unto The Persons pain because they felt a powerful sense of warmth. For the knowing that they will go back to “other” and rape them with guilt and fear. Rip “other” down not so “other” will stop moving, but so “other” can live with the pain “other” inflicted on The Person, so “other” can see the life created from the torture, through the mist. Maybe “other”, filled with the darkness will confess their wrong doings to The Person and people. Maybe The Person will find forgiveness in their own heart. And maybe, just maybe The Person will hold “others” hand in “others” darkness and help “other” to see it through.

Will The Person then release the relentless darkness that withers their own soul and let light penetrate every crack and crevasse in their heart? It is a fight worth fighting. The people are worth fighting for.

The people will hear a heart that never stopped beating a rhythm so strong, a voice that found the will to sing again and the power to forgive the most relentless darkness. People will feel the warmth of peace and rise above their own darkness, and in unity, so will more people. Maybe hatred will be hindered in its footsteps.


Media Experience: My Time Management.


This Is How I Roll

Class Work: This Is How I Roll




So far, I feel as if my time management skills have gotten better. The only problem is.. not being in school and continuing to be good at it. I can use my time well in school. During reading week .. I was pretty unproductive. Not proud of myself. But I did have a blast! I think my only problem is getting started. Once I’m started, I seem to get right into my work. My classmates and I had a whole week to work on our Radio Scripts, I didn’t do anything to it. I have a feeling it’s because I have this disorder (I made it up.. I think) called P.M.O. (Problems Missing Out) I can’t stand being at home working on assignments when there could be something crazy going on that I’m missing out on. My social life means a lot to me.. unfortunately, I believe it means more to me than school.

There is this quote my girlfriend told me..

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change“.

Now whenever I think of homework being something I have to do, I try to change my thoughts about into, wanting to do it. It is hard to live by, but I feel like it has changed me as a person. I honestly believe, that I’ve been living by that quote long before I heard it. It has saved my life many times. If only I used it well in high school.

I know that my life style and mood have improved because of my changed perspective on school. School used to depress me a lot. Now I look forward to going to school. It’s the simple things like, getting up in the morning and going to school, just because I look forward to those tasty breakfast burritos in the Loyalist College cafeteria! Yummm! I look forward to class to see my comments on Twitter or Linked In, even my blog.

Anyways, I definitely lead you off topic.. I tend to do that. But I was still talking about time management. Going to school is good time management, right? If only that was all that was involved.. WAIT! I have to change the way I think! So, I’m doing this blog (to be honest) because I’m supposed to post something for class. I’ve really been meaning to post more often, in my own time. Another thing that shows my need want for improvement.

I have an idea! I’ll try listing out some of the things that do distract me from getting started.

Facebook is a huge one. It almost seems like when I have important things to do, and I’m on facebook, everyone wants to talk to me about something. When I’m completely bored, no one talks to me. I do like to interact with people a lot, it’s quite important to me.

Another thing is having guests over to my house, I just love to tend to them. I would do a lot for another person, even if it’s effecting me. They know that they distract me, but I tell them it’s my choice to let them and it is! I’m capable of making my own decisions, and I prefer it that way. I’m sure everyone does.

P.M.O is another big one for me. My feet and heart itch to get involved out there, I know that completing my homework and getting good marks will help me get out there in the future. My life up until I was 17-18 years old, I lived in the past and worried about the future. Someone told me that I need to start living in the moment, and so I have been. But it is dangerous sometimes. It’s healthy to think and prepare for the future.. but it scares me. It freaks me right out to think about where I’ll be in 5-10 years. I want to start combining living for the moment and preparing for the future, and I will learn it one day.

Youtube is a killer one. I get on youtube and search for new music. I just keep going and going, music makes me forget everything except how I feel in that second. It takes me on the greatest adventure of life, and oh boy how I like me a good adventure! But Youtube is a tricky one. I’ve created a play list of songs on Youtube so I don’t have to keep going on it and looking for another song. The play list plays right through and music helps me concentrate. I get so easily distracted by everything around me while working, music gives me a constant beat and a rhythm to think in.

Twitter.. oh twitter, constantly feeding me world news, always new things to look at and to search up and learn about. It’s a great thing for my ADD, with all its spontaneous information, so different and random each and every time. I do blame/thank my teachers for introducing me to it! 🙂

I always have an over load of personal projects I’d like to do for myself in my own time, but it does take up homework time tremendously. Personal projects of mine tend not to be completed as well. So it isn’t just school I have difficulties with.

Hmm.. If I can think of anything else, I try to update!

Reflections Are Protections

Reflections Are Protections
reflections in a screensaver

This photo was taken accidentally, while I was sitting in front of a computer. I checked out the picture and I really like it, it speaks to me.

The lights in the front represent my hopes and dreams and everything I want and want to be. In the background, its darker and harder to see clearer. I’ve always felt left behind or, shall I say, in the dark. I do it to myself though, everyday I become more aware of this. In the picture I’m aiming for the lights.. its a constant struggle. This picture kind of frustrates me as well. If only I was a little closer..