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Mission, Vision and Values.

In the Media Experience Program, my mission is to complete all tasks and assignment on time and do the best that I absolutely can. I’ll do that by using a day planner.. which is a HUGE change for me. I have always tried to use a day planner, but it never works for me. Turns out, all I needed to actually be interested in what I’m doing. Also, my cell phone comes in handy as an alarm.. sad, but sometimes I need to remind myself to eat and sleep. I’m just one of those people. Another way I’ll carry out my mission is just by waking up on time and being in class on time. Punctuality is vital in the media industry.

What I visualize of myself in this program is success, always rising after I fall. I see all the things I can improve on and I see myself getting better. I can visualize big things.. now I just need to go out and DO THEM. Just saying.

Values.. that is a hard one. I have alot.. I think? I guess I need to really think about this. I’ll have to come back to this later folks!


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