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Hey all, I’m Crystal Matheson. I’m 20 years old and I’m currently enrolled in the Media Experience Program at Loyalist College. If I were to personally meet you and tell you something that sums me up, I would say music.

There is always a song in my head, you can catch me in the hallways, or just on the road, stuck in my head hoppin’ around or singing out loud. I have no issues with looking crazy on my own!I’m a huge fan of dupstep, house, electronica, techno, Trance (I adore vocal trance) and many others. I pretty much listen to everything but I usually stick in those genres.

I’m the kinda person who loves to see people smile and laugh and I’m all about getting people to chat with each other. I’m a social chameleon, I can blend and talk to most people without having conflict. Actually, one of my favorite things to do is bring each of friend groups together and see how different people get along.

I’ve never been to academic, but the Media Experience Program I’m in, changed that quickly. No textbook work, no tests? I mean how can someone like me not like that?! I’m a hands-on person, and my course allows me to travel, interview people and record everything!

I’ve never scrap booked before, I don’t think my life story is something everyone needs to hear. If someone asked, I would tell though.

Anyways, if I think of more exciting things to tell you, I will let you know!


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