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What Am I Doing?

11/02/16 : 3:38pm

Today was pretty productive. I finished my PSA on the Youth Habilitation Centre. Blogging all day kind of makes my butt hurt a little.. but I enjoy it. I’m on of the last ones in the class, and my roommate left without me. I’m HOOKED. I’ve updated my blog with a photo I took recently and described it. The background was super annoying before, so I changed it and ended up finding an AWESOME colourful picture. In case I haven’t informed all before, I love colours. Music has been blasting in my ear (and I use a singular ‘ear’ because I’m in class and still need to listen.. kind of.) all day. I made a playlist on Youtube of awesome songs, that I really enjoy. I think you would like it too. If you want, you can check my youtube, my user name is Chasetyme as well.

I have so many new accounts to manage, I’m spending more than extra time the school.

Anyways, I’ll let you know if anything awesome happens later, just because something awesome is bound to happen.


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