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It Was Found

“It” was found. “Its” been lost for years. “It” was inside The Person broiling, waiting to be fueled. “It” is more than one thing.. too many things. “It” was taken and beaten down until “It” was almost nonexistent. But “It” was rebuilt.. the question? How was “It” rebuilt?

The Person is not too sure, saying maybe “It” was given back through eyes with a new perspective. Studying every little detail, over analyzing, taking a negative thought and turning it around on “Itself”. Instead of “I have to do this” think “I want to do this”. Think about dark turning to light, walk out of the shadows and feel the sunlight sink into your sink. “It” was lost and found. “It” is a light in the darkness.

Was It really found? The darkness still reaps inside The Person believes. An on going internal battle that will never end. The dark wins sometimes, as does the light… If The Person can find the source of the light, maybe they can fuel it, find the gas to keep it going. Make it burn brighter than the stars. Make it burn in “other” eyes so they can’t look at The Person anymore. So “other” have no will to live, so “other”will quit.

But that is not the way to think. Maybe The Person should try to establish a skewed way to make themselves forgive. Forgive the “Other” for their darkness unto the person. People say it is good and easy to forgive. The Person wonders if the people have ever had to forgive this type of darkness. But The Person is strong enough to keep moving, never stop. Or is The Person moving and never stopping because The Person is to cowardly to stop? Does The Person choose to keep moving because the thought of nothingness is intimidating? The Person knows they have felt nothingness before. The darkness was easier to bear in nothingness. Easy is good and simple. So why is The Person afraid of nothingness? Maybe it is not that The Person fears the foreboding nothingness but fears what they will miss. The Person lives for their friends and made up family. For the hearts that willingly threw themselves unto The Persons pain because they felt a powerful sense of warmth. For the knowing that they will go back to “other” and rape them with guilt and fear. Rip “other” down not so “other” will stop moving, but so “other” can live with the pain “other” inflicted on The Person, so “other” can see the life created from the torture, through the mist. Maybe “other”, filled with the darkness will confess their wrong doings to The Person and people. Maybe The Person will find forgiveness in their own heart. And maybe, just maybe The Person will hold “others” hand in “others” darkness and help “other” to see it through.

Will The Person then release the relentless darkness that withers their own soul and let light penetrate every crack and crevasse in their heart? It is a fight worth fighting. The people are worth fighting for.

The people will hear a heart that never stopped beating a rhythm so strong, a voice that found the will to sing again and the power to forgive the most relentless darkness. People will feel the warmth of peace and rise above their own darkness, and in unity, so will more people. Maybe hatred will be hindered in its footsteps.



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