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My Media Valentine(s)

Tegan and Sara Quin
Tegan and Sara Quin

How can I choose anyone other than Tegan and Sara? I mean, they are amazing musicians, they are twins AND they are gay. They were also my second concert of life too. I cried when they stepped on stage for real. Of course, they played my favourite song last, oh the anticipation! All of their song are amazing. Honestly, there isn’t ONE song I don’t like. My all time favourite song by Tegan and Sara is ‘Living Room’ which is on their album ‘If It Was You’.

They currently have six albums out. From lastest to first it goes ‘Sainthood’, ‘The Con’, ‘So Jealous’, ‘If It Was You’, ‘The Business Of Art’ and ‘Under Feet Like Ours’. Their first album ‘Under Feet Like Ours’, leans more towards the garage rock style, while ‘Sainthood’ is electro-pop rock. With all of the albums in between, you can really hear the transition of style they took. Even there personal styles changed as well, but that could easily be them growing up. Both of them look alot more professional. Personally, I enjoy seeing the change they have made.. makes myself more comfortable about changing.

And here is the URL of their official website, which by the way, is very well done. The feel of the site relates to their personal brand well.   http://teganandsara.com/

Another extremely amazing reason I adore this duo is their remixes with DJ Teisto! ‘Feel It In My Bones’ and ‘Back In Your Head’ are truly amazing and exhilarating, I seriously cannot get enough of those two songs. I’m a HUGE fan of Trance music, so these song blow my mind.

Last but NOT least, I adore them because they are gay. I like that they are an extremely positive role models for all the LGBT community. Both of them are very open about their sexuality and have written songs about being gay. I wish that every queer folk out there could be as open and cool about it as they are. It is really inspiring when people can rise from the torment and bullying into the spot light to show the world what they have gone through, and to help others who are currently struggling with what they have struggled with.

If I could see any rock band in concert again, I would see Tegan and Sara again. Only this time, hopefully I will be able to meet them. A coffee would be nice. 🙂

tegan and sara discography

Feel It In My Bones- DJ Teisto ft. Tegan and Sara

Back In Your Head- DJ Teisto ft. Tegan and Sara



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