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Old World vs. New World.



“It’s like a cardiac arrest, only it happenes in the brain,
something responsible for holding the gray mass together abruptly shifts,
there is a sickening feeling of something terrible about to happen,
and the next thing your head is experiencing the awful sensation of being emptied out.
From some where inside the power goes down and the body seems to collapse into itself like a marionette being folded into a box.
You look for a way out, and what’s left of your broken brain does its best to oblige with images of high bridges and frozen ponds and nooses dangling from balconies.”

“I realize that there are worse things out there but to dream of having one good day
let alone a good week,
without having to feel anxiety or wanting to give up,
or confusion,
short memory,
lost of concentration,
and no patients with family.
I dream to feel peace and happiness everyday.
And fight against this illness daily.”

“I ask you to imagine the unimaginable,
to think the unthinkable.
To experience second degree emotional burns
with third degree prognosis.
All you experience is pain, but with no cure. In fact,
there is no viable treatment.
You can attempt to salve it.
Only death solves it.”


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